This Light Shines

by Strength Keeper

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Warhammer This album is real as fuck. Ross is an amazing guitar player. Marc Halverson's vox are edgy, direct, and his delivery is like no other. The passion, power, and attack on issues that all of us can relate to are fantastically transformed into a blissfully- magnetic, energetic moment until your ear holes climax. (repeatedly)
work out music, rally music, kick ass music.
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released April 11, 2015

Marc Halverson - Vocals, Songwriting
Randy Ross - Guitars, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Songwriting
Scott Walker - Drums



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Strength Keeper Portland, Oregon

Strong, Focused, and Unrelenting, Strength Keeper craft undeniably heavy songs that seek to inspire, motivate and identify with ALL listeners.

Merging East Coast Hardcore with powerful Groove Metal, European Melodic Death Metal and old school Bay Area Thrash, Strength Keeper have created a unique sound that is all their own.
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Track Name: Intro
Strength Keeper!
Track Name: Right To Die
How can you take away a child's innocence with no regard for human life?
Hiding and preying
within the shadows of your mind
A child's fear, the family's tears, pour down from their eyes
We're the ones standing in the way
Erase you from this world

Erase...Erase you from this world
Disgrace...A fucking disgrace to us all

You fucking insect
Your kind plagues this world
You prey on their innocence
Your fate's in my hands now

Your days are numbered, you're in my sights
Your every move; we plot your right to die
Now it comes, clock strikes, bell is rung
You come undone judgment appears and...

My face will be the last thing that you will ever see
I'll choke the life outta you!

No judge for your conviction
No jury to decide your fate
No appeals to slow the system
Just your head on a fucking plate

'Cuz you have the right to die...In America
Right to die...We'll bury ya
Victims cry...We'll carry you
Revenge is mine
Right to die...In America
Right to die...We'll bury you
Right to die...We'll carry you
Revenge is mine...Your crime will be the death of you


For the victims, for the families
Track Name: This Light Shines
The end is near
The world that we once knew begins to slip away
Chaos, poverty, disorder are the law of the land

Look at the past, I put it behind me
So beat down, now I see clearly
This light shines on the path laid before me
Army of one, now you'll hear me...You'll hear me

Look to the future, it holds what you sold me
Bleeding, broken you cannot contain me
This light shines to lead us out of misery
Strike now, watching as your world burns down...It's coming down

Forget the past, tomorrow is a new day
Future plays out right in front of me
This lights shines it always guides the way
Together as one for all of humanity

Apocalypse, the end is in front of me
Streetwise, in a wasteland economy
This light shines from within me
We remain to change the face of history

Forget the past, tomorrow is a new day
Future plays out right in front of me
This light shines it always guides the way
Together as one for all of humanity

Forget the past
Tomorrow is a brand new day
For all of the world
Track Name: My Pledge, Our Vow
We shed our lives
Throught the thick and thin
Without compromise, through the eyes of a weak, willed broken man
This is my scar
Pain you'll never know
Through the trials of this so called life, we all let go

We gave our lives
A cost we could not bear
Through sacrifice, my word, our bond, my pledge to you
And there was no love (no love)
No helping hand (never a hand)
No one to see me through
No one to see me through to the end

These are the words
And this is time spent left waiting
True strength lies within us

This is my pledge
And this is where we make
Our Vow...Our vow

We gave our word
A vow you cannot break
Built on trust, instilled in us, you'll never take away

These are the words
And this is time spent left waiting
True strength lies within us
Until then end...This is where I start over again...Until the end
Track Name: I Remember...
Power tripping pussy all you do is run your mouth
Take a look around 'cuz your world is crashing down
Afraid to face the man inside, the mirror reveals the truth
How about I knock you down a peg? Here's the bloody proof...

Who the fuck are you again? Exactly what I thought
You kind's a dime a dozen and your soul was sold and bought
You'll never get the glory, you treat life like a sport
Your life's a game and you've been played
The ball is in my court
Track Name: The Repercussions of Revenge
You're never gonna stop me
I'm always pushing forward
You'll never control me
I've lived by my own rules for my whole life
The cleansing starts now

I'm breaking through

The eyes of revenge are watching you now...
Your every move exposed to the painful light of day...
As you look into my eyes and cringe
No one can hear your cries
As we take our revenge

Time is on our side
Yours has run out
Your chance at redemption
Has left you without
We push ourselves forward
And put you aside
No more exchanges
No place to hide
Forgiven before
Never again
Final straw broken
This is the end
Track Name: Make The Call
Out of time
People outta of their minds
Bloodshot eyes
Another victim dies
Killing people over your beliefs
The state of the economy
The fucking thief

On our own
Down this road
Corruption and greed
TIme for you to go

WE MAKE THE CALL...I was thrown into this world all alone
STANDING TALL...Always waiting for the hand that won't come
WE NEVER FALL...Strength in numbers we'll decide our own fate
IT'S NOT YOUR CALL...Staying true to what drives us beyond

End of the line
No place to hide
Helpless cries
Drown the will to survive
Killing people in the name of peace
The state of the world
Brings you to your knees

On our own
Down this road
Corruption and greed
Time for you to go
Track Name: Reclaim - Bro Version
By my brother's side
I have a piece of mind
Through this life
Together we strive
Through the ups and downs
Even though we fall
In our strength and bonds
We will always push on
Step outside
Is our rally cry
It's brother's like you
That keep us alive

You came from nowhere
Nothing at all
And we're still here
Standing tall
From the broken homes
To your broken dreams
We stand for one thing

And to our crew...

Jim, Edgar, Ben, Rory, Bryan this is for you
If it wasn't for you
We couldn't do what we do

LOYAL...You've always had our fucking backs
Never turned your back
BOND...A brotherhood you cannot break
Cannot break

You came from nowhere
Nothing at all
And we're still here
Standing tall
From the broken homes
To your broken dreams
We stand for one thing

With our goals in sight
We continue this fight
There's no quit in my heart
For those who stand by side
Despite the setbacks in life
Disappointment and strife
The ones that fell by the way
We reclaim our souls
Track Name: Words of a Warrior
I'm falling in

This is a call, a call to the warriors
Strike hard, grinding, open eyes
Never again will I feel inferior
Crawling through, hands and knees, open warfare, annihilation
Annihilate them

False words mean nothing to me from a hypocrite
Lost soul, blinding, sore eyes
We've come to deliver your punishment
I'll never be a victim, not a victim
Of your lies
Of your lies

From the inside
From the inside
I will resist your lies

Straight ahead, squadron 3 rolling in
The enemy surrounding me were outta sight
Airstrike, thunder rolling through the night
Carpet bomb
Cleansed by fire
End of life...End of life

I've seen the end
There is no hope
There is no light
End of life

We've seen through your traps and lies
Finally brought to light
Suffer through the day
And we'll strike hard in the night


We tear down that which divides
Expose them to the light
Conquering, our goal's in sight
And we march on the through the night

March on

And to the brave
You gave it all for us
We give it up to you

I'm staring through the eyes of a dead man
Broken down, drowning, your life
Life begins to slip away through my hands
It becomes so clear
I begin to see
Through your traps and lies